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Okay everyone, start your engines!  September is here and this month it’s all about revving up -- getting the little (or not so little) ones off to school, jumping back into the swing of work after a summer break, or gearing up to cheer on your favorite football team.  There’s no denying the summer lull is quickly picking up speed.  Which means you're going to need a little more energy to keep up.  When it comes to preparing meals that deliver high energy, barley-based recipes are a natural.  Our favorite grain offers plenty of fiber, flavor and nutrition to satisfy hungry appetites and keep busy bodies going. Check out our barley recipes and see for yourself.  

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Is there a connection between eating barley and maintaining a healthy heart?  Does barley help fight type 2 diabetes and obesity?  The answer is a resounding yes!  For more information, check out our Health & Nutrition section.

We’re working hard to keep tabs on important barley research as it relates to human foods. Be sure to check out the barley Science & Research section of this site for a curated list of relevant studies about our favorite grain.


Including barley as a key ingredient in commercial food production continues to gain ground.  Visit our barley Commercial Food Trade section to learn how the grain is contributing to the healthy and functional world of food manufacturing.