Think barley's just for soup? You're in for a delicious surprise! This wholesome grain adds a delightful nutty flavor, pleasant chewy texture and fiber to hot and cold dishes of all kinds. Check out these recipes and taste for yourself. And for even more recipe ideas, click here.

Need more information on finding, storing and cooking barley?  Check out these helpful tips.

Main Dish
Curried Turkey and Barley Casserole
Orange Barley Pilaf and Ham Sauté
Fillet of Sole with Barley and Asparagus
German Beef and Barley Bake
Chicken Kabobs with Greek Barley Salad
Turkey Barley Stir-Fry
Turkey Barley Skillet Supper
Bayside Barley Supper
Thai Barley Stir-Fry
Baked Chicken with Apples and Barley
Barley-Tuna Casserole
Barley-Stuffed Bells
Beef and Barley Burgers

Side Dish
Barley Risotto with Wild Mushrooms
Wild About Barley
Country Corn and Barley Relish
Barley-Stuffed Squash
Barley Mushroom Pilaf
Barley-Stuffed Tomatoes

Rock 'm Sock 'm Chili
Barley Albondigas Soup
Barley Lentil Soup
Bavarian Barley Stew
Barley and Cranberry Pork Stew
Half-Time Barley Stew

Golden Barley Fruit Salad
Curried Barley Supper Salad
Paradise Barley Fruit Salad
Tuna Barley Garden Salad
Turkey Barley Mandarin Salad
Barley, Berries and Chicken Salad
Stacked Ham ‘n Barley Supper Salad
Easy Greek Barley Salad
Barley Antipasto Salad
Teriyaki Barley Salad
Confetti Barley Salad

Barley-Stuffed Artichokes
Fiesta Cheese and Chile Barley
Barley Baked Beans
Barley Caponata
Grilled Portabellas with Barley and Basil
Mexicali Barley Salad

Baked Goods
Barley Fruit Scones
Barley Fruit Muffins
Barley Swiss Muffins

Cheesy Barley Fritatta
Barley Breakfast Hash
Barley Orange Pancakes
Hot Barley Flakes
Barley Pumpkin Waffles